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Sasha Lynn

I understand the frustration, as this is a very new online forum, so not many people are involved yet. However, the online forum is meant to be for WRAP users to communicate with each other. It’s not a place to get professional advice, as WRAP facilitators should not be diagnosing people. Even when we buy books, WRAP doesn’t offer medical or behavioral advice, as that is not the purpose of WRAP.

WRAP is a personal plan that includes a network of peers and supporters that we each build (and can hopefully build here). It is not a system where we buy products and then get access to professional help. As Co-Facilitators, we know not to offer help outside of our scope of expertise, and we may become supporters for those we have worked with in seminars, but the advise is meant to come from each other. That was the reason WRAP was created–because traditional health settings weren’t working for everyone, and peers wanted a way to get and stay well. I hope that helps?!

I hope you will all stay on here, as I’d love to learn from all of you as this community builds in size!!!