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Hi Sasha,

Awesome to hear you. I totally agree that this is supposed to be a peer support platform. I know that the WRAP model has been around for a very long time, but I don’t know – whether this is a new venture, or if it’s a new site replacing an older one.

I think other similar platforms have administrators – paid or voluntary, to make sure that things are going ok, and to answer questions etc. i haven’t seen that here, and it sort of leaves me feeling like i’m writing to space/no-one.

i’ll try to find the fb page – just now, the chat is so infrequent here that it’s not enough. I would love it to be more active – the 2 of us together? 🙂

Best wishes,


What do i want to gain? I am searching for new and different tools to aid my recovery. Within that, i know that for me social contact is absolutely essential for my MH, and so finding people to connect with is massive for me. x