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Alisa Luisotti

I haven’t fully started WRAP yet. Just recently been to one group session of ADHD group. I suffer with MDD, BPD, PTSD, and ADHD. Still not certain about the MDD because I was originally diagnosed with schizoaffective disorders by an amazing doctor only to re-diagnosed by a nurse prac. I’m just dealing with her and might eventually find someone new. However, if I change the current place I am getting help from I will lose my peer support. Which is a shame so I decided to get the app and join the online community as a back up for when that happens. I think we should talk about what we normally do to help with our stressors. Perhaps we can use other peoples ideas. I normally read a lot of horror or medical thrillers. I am still into video games despite almost being 30 and soon I’ll start making a special journal and write down my moods maybe 3 times a day or two times. Sorta check in with myself each time I take medicine. What do you guys do to help with stressful situations? I take grounded as much as possible. Listen to podcast, audio books and count numbers and use mindfulness techniques.