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Alisa Luisotti

I am so happy to see some people coming out of their shells! It can be very challenging to be open to other people. It’s good to know people experience the same things in life and we have similarities we can identify with. My brother is currently in prison and has missed a lot of Christmases since I could walk and it is sad. I hope one day he can get past his addiction and be better for it. Staying in the moment is important and I must confess I miss out a lot of wonderful things because I am not grounded. I learned mindfulness from DBT but its been awhile since I had that group and sometimes I do forget it’s an option I have. Due to my MDD and my ADHD it is very hard to find time to concentrate on things and then when I do have that focus it’s hard to find the right motivation! I just hope WRAP can help with that gap.