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Thank you Alisa. Thank you Sasha. For a very long time i didn’t feel ‘real’ i couldn’t connect with others. Now that i’m more well than i ever have been, i still struggle to feel normal, but i can more easily accept myself.

When i stopped drinking my old eating disorder came back, eating issues are so tough to cope with (((Alisa))) and that is one of the reasons i’m here. I think that peer support, like we can give each other, can fill the gaps left by more ‘official’ support systems. A lot of ‘conditions’ are life long, but i don’t want to be permanently ‘under the doctor’. Does that make sense?

I love looking at the lights people put up at Christmas too. It’s such a dark time of year, though the winter solstice was yesterday, so in theory the days are getting longer again. 🙂 During lockdown i took a lot of photo’s of ‘everyday nature’ and post them on fb. Trying to share some of the beauty that i see around me. I’ve had some nice feedback from people. It feels good to see the nature to take the pictures, and to share them with others. <3