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Gaylynn Wyant

Jennifer I totally understand i lost my home due to a shady contractor and became homeless. My best friend was inn Oregon and struggling with health issues and I had wanted to leave Minnesota for some years. After a year and a half she deoriated to the point of losing the house. I once again in September found myself homeless, in an area where I knew almost noone, no longer driving and with little to no resources. My WRAP plan ( especially for when things are breaking down), my toolbox and my fellow WRAP facilitators especially my ALF friends have kept me going on for the past 5 months. It seems that the ball is finally rolling towards the right direction but man it’s often a moment to moment struggle. Know you are not alone and that there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. We are here to listen and support you and trually understand.In hope,joy,love, serenity and interconnectedness Gayle