Reply To: Getting Out and Staying Out


Hi Loretta,
I haven’t managed to access any of the WRAP training – I live in the UK. I don’t have any experience of the criminal justice system either. Lol. I am interested in long term recovery and behaviour change. I sobered up about 8 years ago in an AA based rehab, and am learning about other wellbeing type programs too. I see recovery and wellbeing as a life long process – a lifestyle choice / skill that I am learning day to day.

From what I can tell, using a Facebook closed group seems to work well (for addiction and general behaviour change groups). You need to set rules and have moderators to monitor the feed. But if you had a group of people who had WRAP training and experience of prison and returning to the community, you could work as a peer support team swapping ideas and supporting each other – using and sharing your WRAP skills.

Facebook settings mean you can achieve a good level of privacy (I think) and though there would be challenges, working through those could be positive growth.

I don’t know if that’s helpful at all? Xxx