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Sarah Farmer

The forums are for WRAP users. There is no fee and you absolutely don’t need to buy any books to participate. WRAP is peer-driven, so the advice, suggestions, tips, comments are meant to come from other WRAPers, not WRAP administration. I hope more people will join and share their ideas. I love learning from everyone, and some of the other topics have had some great posts! Please don’t leave, as I’m sure I can learn from each of you.

My biggest interest is in helping myself and others with past trauma, as in addition to using WRAP, I’m a trauma integration practitioner. I have found using my WRAP tools keeps me from spiraling into the past and ruminating on negative thoughts. I’ve had my clients use daily tools, as well, to help them through particularly difficult times. Past trauma has a nasty habit of popping up with current trauma, as it still lives unresolved in the body and brain. I have found that somatic experiencing is very helpful in releasing the body memories so that I no longer react with fight, flight, or freeze each time a similar trauma comes up. What has helped you?