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Hello ladies! I’m in Massachusetts, USA. I so relate to so much of what you are saying. The difficulty talking to people and not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Needing the support but not having friends.

I came on here several months ago and there were no posts at all that I remember. If anyone wants some grounding/meditation/mindfulness help go to .

There are several apps which are very helpful. I use two. PTSD Coach has a lot of information for the sufferer and families, several tools to manage symptoms and a symptom tracker over time. VetChange is an app for people who want to stop or cut down on drinking and also have ptsd symptoms. You rate your mood everyday, what was happening and how strong your urge to drink was.Again lots of tools to manage urges, anxiety, anger, tc. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VETERAN TO DOWNLOAD ANY OF THESE APPS!!

I haven’t made my WRAP yet but I’m going to use some of what I’ve found in these apps in my plan.Hoping someone will find some helpful things here! Happy Monday everyome!