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Thank you Alisa,

It’s taken me a long time to get to the position where i am working and feeling well.

I think that i have said before that i was in rehab. That gave me lots of skills for looking after myself. I then spent a few years studying (psychology), i practiced the skills that i had been taught, and slowly got stronger.

Once i graduated last summer i started looking for work. I got a job quickly (due to staffing shortages from covid and Brexit). It has been a massive learning curve. Spending time around people is exhausting and i’m constantly thinking that i’m doing things wrong. The process of getting up and going to work and coping with the day to day challenges has been difficult, but great. 🙂

Now i have this new opportunity, since i was accepted i’ve been in constant pain from anxiety. lol. And the voices in my head have gotten worse so i feel like i’m only just coping. Talking about it here is helping me to get a bit of perspective. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. xxx
In AA they talk about ESH (experience, strength and hope), i think that sharing these things helps me to feel stronger and more able. Does that make sense?

It’s great that you are thinking about volunteering, what sort of opportunities are there where you live? Are there any specific issues that you feel strongly about? I’d love to hear more about your hopes and plans. 🙂