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Sarah Farmer

I think being honest and confident when letting people know you have mental health issues is incredibly helpful. The more people do this, the less stigma there is. I am totally open with people about my mental disorders and struggles with depression. I want them to know it is nothing to be ashamed of and that it is a strength to look for help. Mental Health Action Day is coming up in May (I believe the 19th) and that is a day I post about my mental health struggles on social media and invite others to be open about theirs. Seeking help is still a taboo topic in many cultures, but I find that when I am open, people later open up to me privately. If someone judges me, I don’t care much. My only concern is being able to be a supportive peer and reduce judgement. Good luck! To those speaking negatively about you, it likely shows they are not secure about themselves. That hurts, but ultimately, you are doing what is best for your wellness and happiness. Way to go!