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Thank you all for sharing and being so vulnerable. Sounds like we are in the right space to share, appreciate this platform.
As of February 2020, my sobriety with alcohol was born! Tumbling right into an addiction to weed, I became super self isolated and definitely did not know who I was. Filled with depression and anxiety I was able to give that up with the support of MA. Today marks 8 months free from all mood and mind altering substances. I too am trying to find out who Rocio is. Married for 10 years and been in working in my family business for 24 years. I feel like being alone on this self discovery of myself. It’s so challenging. There have been other cross addictions that have shown up in my life and im trying to just be okay with what is. Living life on life’s terms. The tools I have are there but I want to learn more. Decided to take a class on addictions to help me learn more so that I can help others on their path to recovery. There is so much family stuff going on, sometimes I feel like im living for others and not myself. I have fellows in MA for support which is helpful but I need to start meeting people in person. Dealing with my social anxiety has been rough, but as they say, “one day at a time”
Found out about WRAP through the class I’m taking so happy to be here and connect.