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    Loretta Cochran

    I wanted to write an introductory post. I currently facilitate WRAP groups in a minimum security setting. My plan is to recommend to the participants that they join this online community and forum when they are released. There are few in-person options for them to participate in a WRAP support group in the state at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions on how the formerly incarcerated can stay connected to WRAP once they re-enter society?



    Hi Loretta,
    I haven’t managed to access any of the WRAP training – I live in the UK. I don’t have any experience of the criminal justice system either. Lol. I am interested in long term recovery and behaviour change. I sobered up about 8 years ago in an AA based rehab, and am learning about other wellbeing type programs too. I see recovery and wellbeing as a life long process – a lifestyle choice / skill that I am learning day to day.

    From what I can tell, using a Facebook closed group seems to work well (for addiction and general behaviour change groups). You need to set rules and have moderators to monitor the feed. But if you had a group of people who had WRAP training and experience of prison and returning to the community, you could work as a peer support team swapping ideas and supporting each other – using and sharing your WRAP skills.

    Facebook settings mean you can achieve a good level of privacy (I think) and though there would be challenges, working through those could be positive growth.

    I don’t know if that’s helpful at all? Xxx

    Sarah Farmer


    That is a great question! I’m going to ask Lynn to come in here and offer some recommendations, as she does WRAP trainings in the prison system as well! The Horton brothers are also great resources. Read their blog post at


    Hi Loretta. I would definitely suggest that they also subscribe to this forum and connect. There are also many peer agencies where individuals may get connected to other WRAPpers. Also, looking for a local WRAP seminar in the community to attend may be a good idea and help with connections.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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