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    I’m not sure if I’m using this right. Apologies if not.
    I’m an addict with dodgy MH. I like the idea of wraps because they are so holistic. Every once in a while I try to reduce my medication. I’m on a lot less than I was when I first sobered up a few years ago. I reduced recently, and everything is caving in.

    I got a job recently. And I’m struggling to think clearly enough and so keep making mistakes. I can’t shut out the thoughts and voices and it’s leaving me wanting to hide/die, to escape from how useless I feel. Xxc I am hoping that it’s only temporary. X


    If you find a dose that is working, don’t change it, but medication can only do so much. From your post it looks like you get this. I am new to the forum, but am also in recovery and suffer from depression and anxiety. You are not alone.(()) Do you do any 12 step programs? Meetings keep me sane when the meds don’t.

    xox, Linda

    Sarah Farmer

    Remember that even with addictions, psych meds can be very helpful. Just make sure you are working with a good doctor and following the amounts prescribed. When I feel better and lower my meds, it never goes well. My brain simply needs the meds to function well. Finding group supporter, friends, and others to help you stay sober and strong is great, and following your WRAP is wonderful. If you also need the psych meds, I hope you can find the strength to do that and keep control over your addictions. My heart is with you! Mental health issues are tough!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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