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    Tanya Williams

    re-entry from being incarcerated can be a very trying time for peers, WRAP is one of the suggestions I give to reentry peers. Any suggestions on how to express comfort and security in the peer who says they have nothing for a toolbox, suggestions on rehabbing the toolbox. any videos?


    Hi Tanya,I had the privilege of facilitating and training WRAP Seminar I and II with hundreds of people who were incarcerated, many who had life sentences. A few common wellness tools that people shared during our seminars were meditation, music, prayer or spirituality, exercise, helping others, giving of their time to help those who were lonely, setting daily intentions and honoring those intentions and attending support groups. I am in touch with several people who have now reentered the community and we facilitate WRAP together in the community. Some things they share now that they are in society as wellness tools are that they send daily messages to people who are supporters which helps to stay connected, take walks in nature as often as possible, sit by a body of water, hike and volunteer at a food pantry. Hopefully these ideas inspire thoughts for our peer.


    So many things are in my tool box:

    Breathing deeply and slowly.
    Going outside in the sunlight and fresh air.
    Talking/texting with friend.
    A long bath.

    Getting my hands in dirt, if only in a pot.
    Sending time with my animals.
    Being with my faith community.
    Seeing my therapist.

    Taking my medication.
    Using positive affirmations throughout my day, including in my passwords.
    Gently checking my negative thoughts.
    Using my light box.

    Keeping hydrated.
    Using polite language.

    Yoga, even if only for a few minutes at a time.
    Brushing my teeth.
    Writing in my journal.

    Taking my vitamins.
    Lovely scents.
    Giving to others in regular and unexpected way.

    Good food.
    Planning for breaks and vacations.
    Being with likeminded people online and in person.

    Reading for knowledge and for pleasure.
    Being in nature.
    Riding my bike.
    Trying something new.

    Apologizing when I hurt another.
    Forgiving myself and others.
    Delicious soups in the winter.

    Making time for the good stuff.
    Asking for help.
    Getting rid of clutter.
    A pedicure.

    Keeping my health appointments.
    Exiting toxic environments.
    Hot sauce.

    Ice cream in the summer.
    Jumping up and down.
    Fresh laundry
    Wearing my favorite jewelry.

    Remembering happy times.
    Gift giving.
    Watching a great show.

    Eating food with fiber.
    My favorite teas.
    Warm socks.

    Choosing pleasure. For example, the other night I was sitting feeling cold and I did nothing. I continued doing what I was doing and being cold. Finally, I told myself to get up and get warm. So, I got up, put on some warm socks and a jacket and I went back doing what I was doing.

    Sometimes I allow myself to suffer for no reason. I have to remind myself I deserve comfort. I deserve safety. I deserve rest. I deserve every good thing. Just because.

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    Megan Dolbin

    Jennifer. I read your post so many times. It’s like a master class in simple joys and loving yourself. Thank you so much for sharing!

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