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    I see a few of us are confused as to how this Online WRAP Community is supposed to work…

    I have gone through all the Forums but most of them have “This forum is empty.” or “Oh, bother! No topics were found here.”

    Are there professionals monitoring these groups/Forums as I see so many people joining but that seems to be where it ends?

    Is it only when one pays for the reading material or workbooks that one only gets help or advice? It always seems to come down to money at the end of the day and not assisting those in need with any form of support system or is this it and we are left on our own to try and make connections and get help?

    Bailey Campbell.

    Yeah this seams pretty dodgy. I thought I’d get actual resources or help.. Sean’s like an empty database. Seams kinda pointless tbh

    Sasha Lynn

    I understand the frustration, as this is a very new online forum, so not many people are involved yet. However, the online forum is meant to be for WRAP users to communicate with each other. It’s not a place to get professional advice, as WRAP facilitators should not be diagnosing people. Even when we buy books, WRAP doesn’t offer medical or behavioral advice, as that is not the purpose of WRAP.

    WRAP is a personal plan that includes a network of peers and supporters that we each build (and can hopefully build here). It is not a system where we buy products and then get access to professional help. As Co-Facilitators, we know not to offer help outside of our scope of expertise, and we may become supporters for those we have worked with in seminars, but the advise is meant to come from each other. That was the reason WRAP was created–because traditional health settings weren’t working for everyone, and peers wanted a way to get and stay well. I hope that helps?!

    I hope you will all stay on here, as I’d love to learn from all of you as this community builds in size!!!

    Stanton Magid

    I’m pretty new here too but I have bought some books and been checking things out. I hope we are able to help each other here.

    Sarah Farmer

    The forums are for WRAP users. There is no fee and you absolutely don’t need to buy any books to participate. WRAP is peer-driven, so the advice, suggestions, tips, comments are meant to come from other WRAPers, not WRAP administration. I hope more people will join and share their ideas. I love learning from everyone, and some of the other topics have had some great posts! Please don’t leave, as I’m sure I can learn from each of you.

    My biggest interest is in helping myself and others with past trauma, as in addition to using WRAP, I’m a trauma integration practitioner. I have found using my WRAP tools keeps me from spiraling into the past and ruminating on negative thoughts. I’ve had my clients use daily tools, as well, to help them through particularly difficult times. Past trauma has a nasty habit of popping up with current trauma, as it still lives unresolved in the body and brain. I have found that somatic experiencing is very helpful in releasing the body memories so that I no longer react with fight, flight, or freeze each time a similar trauma comes up. What has helped you?

    Stanton Magid

    the biggest thing that helps me is helping others.

    Sarah Farmer


    I agree! Helping others is a great way to put life in perspective. I’ve also found that in helping other trauma survivors find wellness, I am also healed in many ways. I’ve also done trauma specific work, but when I work with others, I am reminded of my own worth and that I am more than my trauma history.


    I’m new here. I have only met people and learned small bits of information about the WRAP program, I find it interesting and will look around here for more.

    As often as I think and feel I have worked through and gotten past some of my trauma, it persists with every encounter that comes my way. I have had at least 2 severe mental health relapses in the past 5-to 6 years, it has caused numerous setbacks for me, in my work life especially, but also in relationships and operating my small business.

    The only way I know how to push through it all sometimes is to realize that this is not new, and not even the worst time of my life. My youth was filled with violence and I find it hard to reconcile my present at times when things resurface. I always feel as if I am being attacked and/or judged. It may be my own paranoia, but some of it it real.

    Ivan Sheth

    Oh my goodness I need to read everything posted so far I’m going through the exact same shit. Present trauma bringing up flashbacks from past trauma.

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