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    Josh Helton

    What is your favorite wellness tool? What’s your favorite one you’ve used today?

    I had a hobby day with a friend today and did some painting.

    Randy oliver

    My favorite is walking . it helps my focus on something other than my mind. I have another thing I like to do is meditate at night.

    Sarah Lynn

    My favorite is taking care of my flower garden and taking time to enjoy all the colors and fragrances.

    Angela Clarke

    `My daily wellness tool is reading a devotional and sitting quietly for 10 minutes before starting my day. My new wellness tool is 2-3 days at the gym. Haven’t met the 3 day mark yet…


    Coloring helps me tremendously as well as walk


    My new favorite wellness tool is bike riding
    . I also pray and or meditate and take long showers or a warm bath! That helps me sleep better as well!


    I love looking at nature. And (trying) to take photo’s of it. They help me feel grounded and i can share my pics with other folks. 🙂


    I enjoy reading but find my days too short and my days off are for playing catch up…I see I dont have one anymore.

    Chris Planzer

    Wellness tool? I guess for me it’s listening to music and play my imagination while doing so. Sometimes I move along it, I wouldn’t say dance. I let my emotions flow und feel deep desires that come up to the surface. Ever since my early childhood living in fantasy stories has been a part of me.

    Sasha Lynn

    Love this discussion! It’s giving me ideas. For me it is planting and growing flowers, and photographing flowers/nature. It reminds me there is something beautiful in the world and takes me away from my own worries.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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