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    How do you begin to repair damages between a mother and adult daughter

    Sarah Farmer

    Great question! I have tried to do this by working on my own issues, so I don’t take as much of what my mother, or my daughter, say personally. I also did a WRAP with my adult daughter to help us both work through our issues together. I also ask her about things that bother her or make her sad about our relationship, and I try to work on those and always apologize. Most of us try our best when parenting, but we all make mistakes–owning up to them can be very healing.

    I have also used my WRAP to discover more about myself and my triggers, and I stick to certain topics with my mother, as I know she isn’t at a place where she is ready to talk about the past. I just try to be authentic and realize we are in different places of healing.

    Ursula A

    Very good advice Sarah….I needed to start 2023 off hearing this.

    Thank you both!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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