WRAP for NOMADS/ Non- traditional Housed individuals

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    Natasha . A Ellis

    2024 and the last almost decade or so housing cost has become astronomical for the average person with average income. This reality has forced and motivated people to think about their housing options or lack there of. I am a peer support specialist and wrap facilitator who lives a mobile lifestyle to survive and thrive in other areas of my life then tanking all my money in rental costs I can’t afford. I currently live in Los Angeles from the midwest and live the mobile nomad lifestyle to be able to sustain myself among other motivations. I love and adore WRAP and have applied it to every major area of my life and want to make a wrap group community for others that may be out there like me trying to be well In this unorthodox living circumstances for day to day focused wellness as we try and live our best life.

    I am starting a NOMAD wrap group on zoom monthly
    Join me

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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