We are thrilled to announce that the newest book in the WRAP catalog, WRAP for Addictions: Finding Freedom from Unwanted Patterns, is now available for preorder. The 2020 edition of WRAP for Addictions represents the first major update to the book since the original publication in 2003.  

WRAP has been supporting individuals to tackle a variety of life challenges for decades, and we know WRAP works to support those of us who identify as living with addictions or other compulsive behaviors to make adjustments that support our goals. WRAP isn’t an abstinence-based program. WRAP doesn’t tell us what to do or what not to do. Rather, WRAP invites us to think about what we want in our lives and decide how to make it happen. It provides practical steps and concepts, as well as ongoing recovery management tools, to help us follow our plan and achieve our goals. And, it works well on its own and alongside any other tools that support us, including 12-step programs. 

This totally revamped edition builds on the original WRAP for Addictions and the recently revised WRAP “Red Book” to bring you: 

  • Expanded focus to include all types of addictions, not just drugs or alcohol 
  • A new foreword from an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and director of an International WRAP Center of Excellence
  • Real-life stories of addiction and recovery from people of all ages and walks of life dealing with a variety of behavior patterns, including substance use, gaming, gambling, and more
  • New content on options for reducing infection risk and overdose risk related to substance use
  • Enhanced layout and design, with more space for notes and doodling

You can preorder the 2020 edition of WRAP for Addictions online now. Volume discounts are available.

Excerpt From Foreword

The new WRAP for Addictions features a foreword by Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and Copeland Center Board Member Patti Bitney Starke, who shares her story of long-term sobriety supported by WRAP. Enjoy this excerpt: 

After decades of sobriety, I was introduced to Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). I frankly wasn’t awestruck or impressed with the three-day seminar I attended. I was, however, concerned about why I wasn’t awestruck. Those around me in the seminar were experiencing connections with others and were enthusiastically creating personal life plans with their newfound self-knowledge. The participants often erupted in laughter and were engaged in sharing wellness tools, the “what works” toward meaningful living. I wanted what they had gleaned from WRAP—connections, a plan for daily living, wellness tools to use throughout the day, and more. I wanted to sail into each day knowing that, although I couldn’t determine 

the wind, I could adjust my sail. Their self-knowledge, connections with others, sharing, joy, and enthusiasm convinced me to participate in more WRAP seminars, including WRAP Facilitator training and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator training.  

I came to realize through my participation in many WRAP seminars that not only was WRAP working for them, but it was also working for me. It worked because we all had individual WRAPs and lived our WRAP daily. We learned to revise them as needed. We checked in with each other as needed and found great joy and freedom in our lives—including freedom from the clutches of drugs and alcohol.

 . . .

Living my WRAP and participating in an international community of people who live their wellness and recovery every day have given me the courage to dare to discover myself! I have come to understand that I am lovable and capable. I have come to experience joy and happiness because I take personal responsibility to ensure that joy and happiness come my way. 

. . .

I believe that anyone and everyone who is faced with addiction of any type could profoundly and positively benefit from developing and living a WRAP. For those of us who do, we focus on what is strong in us instead of focusing on what is wrong with us. We have found peace and happiness well beyond what we experienced in days gone by. We have come to realize that our experiences can benefit not only ourselves, but also others. We have come to find hope in our lives and let go of our feelings of uselessness and self-pity. Our outlook has changed. 

Preorder your copy of WRAP for Addictions for the rest of this powerful story. 

Sneak Peak Inside the New Book

If you have struggled with addiction or unwanted patterns or are currently in that struggle, you are not alone. Sometimes, though, the journey can feel lonely. Family members and friends who don’t understand may not know how to respond or provide support. They may be dealing with their own addiction or other challenges that put a wedge in relationships. This can be discouraging. But WRAP has helped many find hope even when things are tough. We invite you to try out the WRAP process and experience that hope and empowerment for yourself. Preorder the 2020 edition of WRAP for Addictions online now