The long-awaited announcement is finally here. Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Reentry: Moving Forward from Incarceration is now available for preorder and will begin shipping in mid-December. This new book has everything you love about the long-standing WRAP program, plus new content designed specifically for individuals who are currently incarcerated, have been incarcerated in the past, or are dealing with other justice-related issues.

WRAP has been supporting justice-involved individuals for years, and we know it makes a difference. WRAP for Reentry includes the lived experiences of WRAP community members who have used the WRAP program during and after incarceration. Just as we recognize that diagnoses do not define who we are, our contact with the justice system doesn’t define us. No matter what has happened in the past, each of us has the opportunity to transform our life with WRAP.

You can preorder WRAP for Reentry online now. Volume discounts are available.

“The need to address the intersection between our mental health and our criminal justice system with trauma-informed support at the center is a critical need,” says Matthew Federici, Executive Director of the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery, which trains and certifies WRAP Facilitators around the world. “There is no more essential key to unlocking that support than through the empowerment of self-direction and peer support.  The WRAP for Reentry book combined with training of peer mentors into the formal system of supports within the walls and community of the criminal justice system will substantially reduce the unacceptable rate of recidivism in the country. We have seen reductions in the rate of recidivism by over 70% when we have combined the traditional WRAP with trained peer mentors. Having this specific book developed with the experiences of peer mentors in those environments will further enhance this important work.”

The new WRAP for Reentry includes:

  • An introduction with important framing information about what WRAP is and how WRAP can support mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness pre- and post-release
  • Personal stories in every chapter from real-life WRAPers who’ve experienced justice involvement
  • A new bonus post-crisis plan for managing reentry after incarceration ends
  • “Getting Out and Staying Out—Using WRAP to Prevent Future Incarceration,” a completely new chapter on building a life free from new justice involvement, beginning from the first few hours after release
  • A foreword highlighting the powerful impact of WRAP in one U.S. state’s corrections system

You can preorder WRAP for Reentry online now. Volume discounts are available.

Excerpt from Foreword

WRAP for Reentry  features a foreword by Lynn Patrone, Office of Mental Health Advocate, Office of the Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. The Pennsylvania DOC’s certified peer specialist (CPS) program has incorporated WRAP with amazing results. Enjoy this excerpt detailing the story of participants’ experiences:

I was struck by the transformations that WRAP sparked in the individuals who participated in WRAP groups behind walls. One participant described it as “a great big leap toward wellness.” Another shared, “WRAP applies to us all. Everyone has a story and came to this seminar somehow. This seminar is special and will change lives.” Individuals who had felt hopeless and disempowered gained a new perspective on their lives. Said one, “WRAP is a universal approach that can benefit everyone. It’s a great way to look inwardly and recognize how to be the best version of ourselves.” Another added, “I know I need to take time for me and focus on the things I have put off but I have now taken that first step that I really needed. . . . If you take one step toward WRAP, ninety-nine steps will come to you.”

. . . The CPS were the evidence of hope, inspiration, and purpose. So many of them tell me that becoming a CPS turned their life around in ways they couldn’t have imagined, and that participating in WRAP offered them the tools they needed to maintain wellness and hope in a setting where many have lost hope. They were eager to “pay it forward.” CPS came to the WRAP facilitator seminars and talked about how Mary Ellen Copeland’s story influenced them and how they found hope in her story. Said one, “WRAP is the answer I’ve been searching for.”

 Over and over, I have conversations where the CPS say that they want to get out on the street and facilitate WRAP. They speak about the importance of this tool and wish they had it before they became incarcerated. They feel strongly that, if they had, they might not have followed the path that led to incarceration. There is abounding hope when the CPS talk about how they can bring this tool to their neighborhoods upon reentry and help young people, in hope of preventing them from entering the criminal justice system. Said one about using WRAP and his life experiences to support others, “The faces of our youth are looking up to us for guidance. How can we guide them unless we learn to guide ourselves?” Even those who are serving life sentences have said they are different from the person they were when they entered prison because they are living WRAP.

Sneak Peek Inside the New Book


Important Information for Correctional Facilities

Volume discounts are available and are applied automatically at checkout. All books ship direct from the publisher to minimize security concerns in locked facilities. This book is perfect bound (glue and flat binding) with no staples or other metal or plastic fasteners. If you need alternate binding without glue for your organization, contact us for a custom printing quote; minimum quantities apply.