Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D., will lead a preconference university entitled, “Creating Your Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP),” at the National Council for Behavioral Health annual conference (NatCon17) on Sunday, April 2, 2017, 1–5 p.m., at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. You can register here. This preconference event will be held before the main NatCon17 Conference, April 3–5, which you are also invited to attend.
This is a rare opportunity to meet and work with Mary Ellen on the West Coast. She will lead participants through the process of developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan using the group facilitation model that has supported the vast and ever-increasing popularity of this self-determined prevention and wellness program. Participants in this seminar will

  • begin the process of developing their own WRAP, including creating a Wellness Toolbox, making a Daily Maintenance Plan, identifying triggers and warning signs, formulating a Crisis Plan/Advance Directive, and establishing a Post-Crisis Plan;
  • be able to support someone else in developing their WRAP; and
  • understand the group WRAP facilitation mode

This workshop is for behavioral health professionals who would like to implement a strong evidence-based recovery program and for anyone who wants to develop their own WRAP or support others in developing the same. All attendees will receive a signed copy of Wellness Recovery Action Plan.
We invite you to register now.