Find a Co-Facilitator

Find a Co-Facilitator

WRAP Co-Facilitators are peers who are specially trained and certified to facilitate WRAP peer groups with fidelity to the evidence-based practice model. WRAP Co-Facilitators complete an initial training and then participate in refresher trainings every 2 years to maintain their certification. Evidence-based WRAP groups and workshops are guided by at least two Co-Facilitators.

There are two ways to become certified as a WRAP Co-Facilitator:

  1. Participate in training directly from The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.
  2. Participate in training from an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator trained and certified by The Copeland Center.

Only those Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitators who are trained and certified by The Copeland Center and who have maintained their certification through ongoing refreshers are authorized to certify other Facilitators. The Copeland Center is the only organization in the world authorized to train and certify Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitators.

Visit the Copeland Center Facilitator Directory to find a Co-Facilitator in your area:

Visit the Copeland Center Events Page to find an upcoming Co-Facilitator Training or Refresher (this link opens in a new tab).

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