Our Online Community

Free Online Community for WRAP and Peer Support

If you use WRAP in your life, or plan to, don’t miss out on being a member of our online community.

Within the community, users can create a personalized profile and participate in threaded online discussions about a variety of wellness and life topics. Share ideas, ask questions, meet other WRAP-ers, and give and receive peer support.

When you register as a member of this website, you’ll automatically be added to our general wellness group for the whole community. Chat in discussion forums for all of the areas of life where you use WRAP! You can read and share posts as much or as little as you like.

If you’re a certified WRAP Co-Facilitator or Advanced Level Co-Facilitator, you can also join a special discussion forum just for you! Here you can:

  • Share what is working in your WRAP workshops
  • Find out what innovations your peers are using
  • Find Co-Facilitators to collaborate with
  • Get support
  • Bounce around ideas

Join us today and add another tool to your wellness toolbox!

Please note: Joining the online community on this website is a separate membership from becoming a member of the Copeland Center, which has many wonderful benefits to support your wellness. Many of us have both membership on this site and membership to the Copeland Center in our wellness toolboxes, and you may want to also!


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