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WRAP and Trauma

Trauma occurs when any circumstance or experience overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope. The experience of trauma can have a lasting impact on mental health, physical health, or both. What many deem “symptoms” are normal reactions to abnormal circumstances we have experienced.

Based on the flagship WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan, the adaptation WRAP for the Effects of Trauma asks individuals seeking wellness not “What’s wrong with you?” but rather “What happened?” and “What do you need?”

WRAP for the Effects of Trauma includes information specific to the experience of being a trauma survivor, examples of signs of distress that may be trauma-related, and lots of ideas for wellness tools and action plans that work for people who have experienced trauma.

It can be your personal guide to recovery and wellness, whether you are developing your WRAP in a group, working with a supporter to develop your WRAP, or are developing your WRAP on your own. Like the WRAP Red Book, it contains comprehensive instructions for developing your WRAP and in-depth descriptions of some of the most common wellness tools. In addition, it contains lots of information and examples that are specific to addressing trauma-related issues, with information from people like yourself who are working on their wellness and recovery.

WRAP for the Effects of Trauma will help you:

  • Discover your own simple, safe wellness tools
  • Develop a daily plan to help you stay as well as possible
  • Identify upsetting events or circumstances and develop action plans for responding to them
  • Create a strategy to gain support and stay in control of your wellness during and after a crisis

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