WRAP in Action

WRAP in Action

WRAP truly comes to life when you use it! Whether you’re building or updating your own WRAP, exploring the values and ethics of WRAP, looking at WRAP’s key concepts, or supporting your wellness in other ways, you can put WRAP to work to help your life be more of what you want it to be.

When you create your own WRAP, you’ll discover that WRAP is designed as a tool to fit into your everyday life—not as a static plan that lives in a drawer somewhere. We invite you to put WRAP into action in whatever way feels right to you. These tools can help.

Training Seminars

Want to bring WRAP training seminars into your organization or become a WRAP Facilitator so you can lead seminars? Both WRAP seminars I and II are available to organizations and individuals. Read More

Sample WRAPs & Tools

WRAP is a tool to support your goals and your wellness in any area of life. Explore stories of WRAP used in a variety of situations and needs and get ideas to expand your own wellness toolbox and action plans. Read More

WRAP Videos

Hear from a diverse group of “WRAP Stars” discussing their wellness journeys, favorite wellness tools, and how WRAP has helped transform their lives!​ Read More

WRAP Online Community

The WRAP community truly spans the globe, and our online community is a hub where you can connect to WRAPers near and far. Join us for wellness discussions and peer support. It’s free! Read More

WRAP Can Help