In every child lies
the adult they
will become

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WRAP and Youth/Children

WRAP can support people of all ages, including youth and children. WRAP offers a system that helps young people make their lives more the way they want them to be. It helps them choose and enjoy more of the things they want to do. WRAP helps them get through the difficult experiences and uncertainty that can come with making friends, navigating peer pressure, managing schoolwork, and dealing with home and family challenges. The WRAP process can also help them stay on track with the habits and relationships they love and want to keep as part of their lives.

If you’re a young adult, WRAP can help you manage your wellness, your feelings, and your whole life. You can use it to identify your own wellness tools and use these tools to develop a plan for daily living and handling hard times and tough feelings. You can change your WRAP as you change and grow. It’s yours, and you can use it to make positive changes in your life.

If you have children, or work with children or youth, you can use WRAP to support them to powerfully create their own wellness. This will help them stay well during their youth and into adulthood.

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