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WRAP and Veterans

Military training and service are intense, rule-driven, precise, and both rewarding and difficult. Likewise, transitioning from active military service to Veteran life can be both exciting and challenging. If you are on active duty or in the reserves, or have ever been in the military, you may have experienced hardship, trauma, injuries, and losses related to military service. You may have feelings and experiences that can feel hard to manage. They may keep you from being the way you want to be and doing the things you want to do. Family members and friends may not understand what you’ve gone though or the way you feel, which can feel very lonely and frustrating.

WRAP is widely used in Veterans’ hospitals and Veterans’ organizations, as well as among people who are currently serving in the military. Veterans and service members using WRAP have reported experiencing better overall physical and mental health, reduced substance use, better pain management, improved sleep, stronger relationships with friends and family members, and lower levels of stress, among other benefits. WRAP has also been found to be helpful in navigating physical health conditions, including illness, injury, and service-related disability; relocation and family separation issues; and adjustments related to deployment and returning to civilian life.

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