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Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition


ISBN: 978-1-948857-01-7
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
152 Pages
Published by Human Potential Press, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., Sudbury, MA


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Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition is an adaptation of Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and an update of the 2007 book, WRAP for Veterans and People in the Military. WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition has been revised and rewritten to address the major issues experienced by today’s Veterans and service members, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), substance use, trauma, homelessness, and suicide.

WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition presents a proven process to help individuals improve the quality of their lives by incorporating wellness strategies into daily life both during and after military service. This book features:

  • A new foreword from a U.S. Army Veteran and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator
  • A revised introduction with important framing information about how Veterans and people on active duty in the military can use WRAP
  • Real-life stories from Veterans and active military personnel in every chapter, including women Veterans and people of color
  • A section about transitioning to civilian life after military service
  • An appendix with additional resources for Veterans
  • Enhanced design and layout

Veterans and service members using WRAP have reported experiencing better overall physical and mental health, reduced substance use, better pain management, improved sleep, and lower levels of stress, among other benefits. As an evidence-based practice, WRAP peer-group intervention has been shown to increase hopefulness, improve quality of life, increase people’s ability to self-advocate, increase feelings of empowerment, reduce the need to use healthcare services over time, and improve recovery outcomes.

WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition applies WRAP’s proven principles and practices to challenges and situations unique to members of the armed forces. This book will help you:

  • Discover your own simple, safe wellness tools that you can use at home and while deployed
  • Develop a daily plan to help you stay as well as possible through all phases of military service in a variety of situations and environments
  • Identify challenging events or circumstances and develop action plans for responding to them
  • Create a strategy to gain support and stay in control of your health and wellness amid often-changing circumstances
  • Locate and use Veteran-specific resources to support your wellness

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Who This Item Is For

If you are on active duty, are serving in the reserves, or have been in the military previously in any capacity, this book is for you. Even if you already own the 2007 WRAP for Veterans and People in the Military, you will want to have the enhanced content that’s provided in this new publication. 

If you want to improve your wellness and feel empowered in any of these areas, WRAP can help: 

  • Physical health conditions including illness, injury, and service-related disability 
  • Lifestyle issues such as sleep and pain management 
  • Relocation and family separation issues 
  • Adjustments related to deployment and returning to civilian life 
  • Mental health challenges 
  • Substance use and addiction 

WRAP is used by people in all kinds of circumstances and by healthcare and mental health systems all over the world. Agencies and organizations often purchase this well-known book for distribution to individuals working with a care provider or for those working in evidence-based WRAP groups. 

Please note: This book is not a guide to facilitating WRAP groups; certified WRAP Facilitators use the Facilitator Training Manual to lead groups. 

Special Features

  • For use individually or in conjunction with an evidence-based WRAP group focused on general wellness or specifically on supporting Veterans 
  • Emphasizes safe, simple tools and strategies anyone can use to achieve wellness 
  • Compatible with other health and wellness strategies, supports, and treatment programs including 12-step programs and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) services and supports 
  • New design with more space for notes and doodling