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Developmental Distinctions

WRAP is for all people, and that includes those with developmental distinctions or developmental differences. Millions of people have unique ways of learning and communicating. But we all have the same basic human needs and desire to live our best lives possible. WRAP is useful regardless of whether you—or someone you love—has a developmental difference. WRAP can be used to make a plan to live a happier and healthier life. What that life looks like will be unique to you!

Creating a WRAP should always be a choice. You should decide whether you want to develop a WRAP, when you will do it, what will be in it, and how you will use it. WRAP can be used on your own, when working with another person, or in a small group setting. But it always should be your plan, even if someone else helps you create it. If you are supporting someone with developmental differences, helping them to create a WRAP is a great time to really listen to what they want from life and how they want to be supported.

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