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What is WRAP?

WRAP is the Wellness Recovery Action Plan.​

WRAP is a self-directed wellness tool anyone can use to get well, stay well, and make their life more the way they want it to be. The evidence-based practice of WRAP is a peer group intervention guided by two specially trained and certified WRAP Co-Facilitators.

The WRAP curriculum and co-facilitation practice was developed by a group of people who had been dealing with difficult feelings and behaviors for many years. They were working together to feel better and get on with their lives. ​What is now known as WRAP was conceived by this group of peers in Vermont in 1997, led by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD.

Learn more about WRAP.

Who owns WRAP?

Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP), owns WRAP and Recovery Books. Human Potential Press (HPP) is the publishing arm of AHP, which publishes, manages, and distributes all WRAP and Recovery Books materials, ​along with other AHP books, materials, ​and curricula. AHP acquired WRAP from its founder, Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, in 2016.

Can anyone use WRAP?

Yes! WRAP is great for anyone who wants to increase their enjoyment in life or create positive changes in the way they feel and achieve wellness despite deep sadness, arthritis, addictions, hearing voices, job loss, diabetes, burnout, and more. ​WRAP can help in any area of life.

The only prerequisite for using WRAP is that you want to use WRAP—there are no readiness requirements or diagnostic criteria you must meet. You can use WRAP on your own or in a co-facilitated peer group. Many individuals find it useful to participate in a WRAP group online or in person. Learn how to find a WRAP Co-Facilitator. You may also want to join our online community on this website.

Can I copy the WRAP material and share with others?

No. AHP owns the copyrights and inventory for all the WRAP products (intellectual property). We also own this website, the WRAP mobile app, WRAP elearning curricula, and a large email list.

Because AHP owns the copyrights, WRAP materials can’t be copied and shared without written permission from AHP. Take a look at our terms and conditions for more information about copyright permissions. If you still have questions, please contact us.

Is the Copeland Center part of AHP?

No. In 2016, Mary Ellen Copeland retired from the Copeland Center and transitioned ownership and management of WRAP to AHP. AHP owns, develops, and distributes all WRAP materials and books and manages the re-certification of all Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators, with regular consultation from Mary Ellen.

What is the WRAP App?

It is an app that can be used on an Android or iOS device. The WRAP App walks you through the process of creating your personal WRAP. Use it on your own, with a friend or supporter, or in a WRAP group. The app is designed to work alongside our WRAP books, other materials, and groups to give you a full understanding of what WRAP is and how you can use it in your life. Learn more about the WRAP app and access download links.

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble with the WRAP App?

First check for any new updates to the app. If you are using the latest version and still having problems, contact us for assistance.

What is the WRAP online community?

The WRAP online community is a place to connect with other people who are using WRAP to change their lives… It’s open to anyone who is interested in enhancing their wellness through WRAP. Visit the community now.

Trained and certified WRAP Facilitators who are part of the online community can also use it to access their digital Facilitator tools and updated Facilitator materials.

Please join the WRAP community Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date and connect with others.

Do I have to participate in a WRAP group before I can join the online community?

No. The WRAP online community is for everyone! From those just starting out to people who have used WRAP for years, everyone is welcome to join! 

How do I join the WRAP online community?

Create a free account in just a few quick steps. Learn more and get started. 

How do I join an in-person or online WRAP seminar?

Contact AHP or get on the list to attend an online WRAP Seminar 1.

Can anyone lead a WRAP group?

No. WRAP groups are co-facilitated by specially trained and certified WRAP Co-Facilitators. These are people who use WRAP in their own lives, have taken a 5-day WRAP Co-Facilitator Training, and maintain their certification by taking a refresher training at least every 2 years. The practice of a peer co-facilitated group model with WRAP was researched through a randomized controlled trial study and recognized as an evidence-based practice for mental health services worldwide.  

How do I become a WRAP Co-Facilitator?

The first step to becoming a WRAP Co-Facilitator is learning how to use WRAP in your life. Start by attending “Seminar I: Developing Your Own WRAP.” The next step is to attend a 5-day WRAP Facilitator Training. In this training, participants learn the evidence-based methods for facilitating WRAP groups that lead to positive outcomes, participant empowerment, and lasting changes in people’s lives. 

Who do I contact if I feel an agency or person isn’t practicing WRAP with good fidelity to the model (e.g., mandating people complete a WRAP as a condition of release or discharge, etc.)?

If you’re worried about an organization or Facilitator’s fidelity to the WRAP model, or if you have a concern about copyright violations, please contact us. Your concerns will stay private. The WRAP team will work together to provide the support needed to resolve any issues.

AHP has updated some WRAP materials. Do I need to add the new copyright information to my materials?

No, but we appreciate that you asked! When AHP updates or revises materials, we add the new copyright information. You don’t need to add the new copyright notice to materials you already own. Any materials you purchase in the future will contain AHP’s copyright information. 

Where are WRAP books and materials printed and shipped from?

All materials are printed in and shipped from Massachusetts, USA. 

Who do I contact about exploring the translation of materials?

Please contact us with your translation questions and ideas. We would love to know what language(s) you’d find useful and what materials you’d like to see translated. 

How do I know what books and/or resources would best meet my needs or the needs of my agency or organization?

The WRAP Bookstore has full descriptions of each book and resource. For more information about resources, contact us

You can also visit the WRAP Can Help section on this site to find ways WRAP can best support your wellness. 

What mental health recovery and WRAP resources should people who lead groups, provide care, and make decisions in my agency have in their own work-related library?

We suggest that at the very least they have the following: 

Other resources may be important, depending on a person’s specific role and the focus of the agency. All of our books and materials, and detailed descriptions of each, can be found at the WRAP Bookstore.  

What materials can I reproduce for workshops and conference presentations?

Certified WRAP Co-Facilitators can use sections 2–3 of the Co-Facilitator Manual in workshops and conference presentations. You don’t need to ask for permission to copy and distribute these materials to participants when co-facilitating a WRAP group; permission is granted in the Co-Facilitator Manual. You also don’t need to change the existing copyright statement. When AHP updates the materials and releases new editions, we include an updated copyright statement. 

Who do I contact if I want to use WRAP within other curricula?

Anyone who wants to use WRAP within non-WRAP curricula should first review our terms and conditions. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please contact us

Can I use WRAP in research projects or program evaluations?

Before using WRAP for projects or evaluations, please review our terms and conditions. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please contact us

Who do I contact if there’s a typo in a book, manual, or PowerPoint presentation?

If you find a spelling or grammar error in any of the WRAP materials, please contact us with the following:

  1. The name of the material
  2. The page or slide number(s)
  3. A clear description of the location of the error (e.g., third paragraph, second sentence should say “They’re using a wellness tool” instead of “Their using a wellness tool”)
How do I stay up to date with new WRAP materials and practices?

To stay up to date about best practices in WRAP facilitation and training resources, follow WRAP on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

Instead of a compact disc, can the slides and handouts be provided on a thumb drive or made available for download online after purchasing?

Yes, for some materials. As we revise Co-Facilitator materials, we are exploring ways to make handouts, slides, and other parts of the manual available electronically so you can download them. You’ll find many of these items in the online community as they become available. In the meantime, if you have a CD but don’t have access to a computer with a CD drive, please contact us for help. 

I need help with my order. Who do I contact?

Use the contact us page to reach out. When sending your message, select the option for “Books/Order Support” (selected by default). Be sure there are no typos in your email address or phone number so we can connect with you quickly to solve your problem.

What is the easiest payment method to use when purchasing WRAP books and resources?

The simplest way to order books and resources is a credit card. We accept all major credit cards. Visit the WRAP Bookstore to purchase books, digital products, and other materials.

I would like to purchase books and resources using a check. How would I do that?

Please contact us to place an order with payment by check. 

Can I order books for my agency (organization, treatment center, school, etc.) using a purchase order?

You can order books using a purchase order if you’re an organization, treatment center, school, business, etc. located in the United States. We can bill only U.S. agencies, businesses, or organizations that have a current credit application on file. If you don’t have a credit application on file, contact us for assistance. 

Once you have a purchase order: 

  1. Go to the Shopping Cart page after building your order. 
  2. Select “purchase order” in the “select payment type” drop-down box. 
  3. Enter your purchase order number on the next page. 
  4. After entering your full billing and shipping information and reviewing your order, click the “place order” button.  
  5. The next screen will be an order confirmation page. 
Can you bill me for my personal order?

Unfortunately we are unable to bill for personal orders. You will need to complete your purchase with a credit or debit card. If this is not an option for you, please contact us to discuss paying by check.

After I order materials, how long will it take for them to be delivered?

We do our best to get your order quickly. Our goal is to ship all orders within 24 hours. Actual time in transit depends on the shipping option selected and shipping destination.

Please plan on at least 2 weeks for delivery within the continental United States if you don’t use expedited shipping. For all international orders and to Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii, please allow 4 weeks minimum.

For Co-Facilitator Manuals, please allow at least 3 weeks for domestic orders and 6 weeks for international orders.

If there’s going to be a longer delay, we’ll let you know. If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know when you place your order.