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We went from being victims of the system to working together and putting in the time and effort to change policies that would affect our system forever. That coming together gave us a language to communicate in a way that we could be heard and that has made all the difference.

—Jane Winterling, Co-Originator of WRAP

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Five Life Lessons Gleaned from WRAP Facilitator Training

Five Life Lessons Gleaned from WRAP Facilitator Training

By Sarah Farmer, M.A., Certified WRAP Facilitator I became an official WRAPer a couple of years ago. After Seminar I, I read every WRAP product available. I created my own WRAP and one with my daughter. But, in all honestly, I didn’t live it very well. I put it on a...

Memories, Moments, and Milestones: 25 Years of Wrap

Memories, Moments, and Milestones: 25 Years of Wrap

Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD   25 years of WRAP. Astounding. Other programs and innovations have come and gone. WRAP persists. Incredible! So, so many people have been key to making that happen. I could not begin to list them here. Many thanks to all who’ve...

The Benefits of Sharing Your WRAP

The Benefits of Sharing Your WRAP

Early in my use of WRAP, it occurred to me that my therapist might want a copy so she could see my wellness tools, stressors/triggers, early warning signs, crisis plan, etc. I’m a very private person, so I’d only shared it with my husband and my one supporter at that...

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