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We went from being victims of the system to working together and putting in the time and effort to change policies that would affect our system forever. That coming together gave us a language to communicate in a way that we could be heard and that has made all the difference.

—Jane Winterling, Co-Originator of WRAP

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Wellness for People with Developmental Disabilities

Wellness for People with Developmental Disabilities

Do you or does someone in your life have a developmental disability (DD)? DDs are a group of physical, learning, language, or behavior conditions that impact development. The symptoms of the condition must be present in childhood years to be considered a DD and are...

Five Ways Art Can Connect Us to Wellness

Five Ways Art Can Connect Us to Wellness

Creating art is a powerful way to connect to our deepest emotions and self. Anyone can create art! The trick is letting go of self-judgment and caring more about the process of creativity than whether the creation is “good enough.”  Like with any wellness tool, the...

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