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We went from being victims of the system to working together and putting in the time and effort to change policies that would affect our system forever. That coming together gave us a language to communicate in a way that we could be heard and that has made all the difference.

—Jane Winterling, Co-Originator of WRAP

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WRAP Yourself in Wellness

WRAP Yourself in Wellness

By Sarah Farmer, M.A., Certified WRAP Facilitator Is your wellness truly one of your top priorities?   Really think about your answer.   Do you actively live your WRAP, plan daily self-care, and give yourself the same respect and time you give to others? If not,...

Second Chances at Life are at the Heart of WRAP

Second Chances at Life are at the Heart of WRAP

April is Second Chance Month in the United States, a time for communities to rally together to support people who have been incarcerated and have rejoined society. Although the article below focuses on the U.S. criminal justice system, for change to be sustained, a...

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