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Although WRAP was born in the small state of Vermont in the New England area of the United States, the WRAP community quickly went global. Why? Because it works for anyone, from any country, culture, gender, race, age, ethnicity, community, or walk of life! In fact, WRAP is being used in high schools in Canada; jails and prisons in California, Pennsylvania, and Florida; and soon will be introduced to grade schools through a new WRAP-based curriculum for kids. From huge metropolitan cities to small, rural towns, people are using WRAP each day to maintain wellness.

Wali Mutazammil, WRAP Facilitator and CEO of Transformational Development Consortium, LLC, who spread WRAP to Ghana, wrote,

Why shouldn’t everyone be given the chance to use a tool as progressive as WRAP, a tool that can help practitioners, families, and individuals enter the 21st century? WRAP is user-friendly, and it’s not just about addressing pain and suffering—it’s about fun and joy and happiness.

When the first WRAP International Conference was held in 2011, people from all over the world gathered to celebrate: people came from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, and from more than 40 U.S. states. They joined together to celebrate that WRAP had truly spread around the globe—and it continues to be spread every day. Since that time, WRAP Around the World conferences have been held in 2013, 2015, and 2017.

As you can see, WRAP is not just an American wellness approach—the need and desire for wellness is universal! The publications are available in multiple languages and will continue to be translated into more as demand grows. What a great thing it would be for WRAP to reach people in every country in the world, enriching the lives of people everywhere.

How can I join this global community?

If WRAP is part of your life, you’re already part of this international community!

The global WRAP community spans a wide range of experiences and cultures. We are a vibrant, diverse, and accepting universe of people who share WRAP and a desire to get well and stay well. Why does WRAP resonate with people around the world? Because of its focus on values, ethics, and key concepts that speak to basic human needs, desires, and responsibilities.

There are many ways to interact with fellow WRAPers:

If you use WRAP, you’re in! It’s an inclusive community!

Those who feel the desire to share WRAP with others can then move on to becoming a WRAP Facilitator or Advanced Level Facilitator. Facilitators are key participants in sustaining WRAP, growing the community, and informing the development of materials.

Where are WRAP Facilitators located?

Certified WRAP Facilitators can be found around the globe, including in all states within the United States and in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, China, Ghana, and many other countries.

What are WRAP Centers of Distinction?

WRAP recognizes and certifies WRAP Centers of Distinction that promote high-quality transformational experiences and adhere to the evidence-based WRAP process. These Centers of Distinction are wellness-oriented environments that have demonstrated programs based on WRAP facilitation and its core values and ethics. Learn more about WRAP Centers of Distinction and how to become one by contacting WRAP at

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