Training Seminars

What are WRAP training seminars?

If you’d like to implement WRAP at your organization and have your staff trained in this evidence-based process, we can provide WRAP Seminar I and WRAP Seminar II at your organization.

In these interactive seminars, participants learn how to develop personal life and wellness goals as they engage in a mutual learning model.

This is your chance to put WRAP in action in your life and in the lives of the people you support!

Seminar I

WRAP Seminar I introduces participants to the five key concepts of WRAP, guides them in creating a personal WRAP, and offers those who complete the seminar a path to becoming a WRAP Facilitator.

The basic framework is the same for each seminar, but the focus can be tailored to best fit your organization and the populations it serves (such as veterans, youth/children, and families) and their life challenges, including addiction, trauma, healthy aging, developmental distinctions, justice involvement, and mental health.

Seminar II

WRAP Seminar II gives participants the skills, knowledge, and materials to facilitate WRAP seminars in their community and organization. Seminar II is only for those who have completed WRAP Seminar I.

To become certified WRAP Facilitators, participants in Seminar II participate in interactive learning activities, learn how to facilitate the structure of WRAP, illustrate their personal experience with WRAP, and show understanding of WRAP ethics and values. Participants can lead WRAP Seminar I upon completing WRAP Seminar II.

Refresher Seminars

Refresher Seminars are trainings offered to certified WRAP Facilitators. These workshops review foundational material and delve into topics that are tailored toward expanding understanding of specific populations and life challenges. This may include incorporating trauma-informed care, facilitating WRAP in prisons, working with people who have developmental distinctions, working with LGBTQIA+ populations, and more.

Who leads WRAP seminars?

All seminars are led by trained and certified WRAP Facilitators.

How many participants are required to schedule a WRAP seminar?

WRAP seminars work best if there are at least 8 participants and no more than 16. If your number of participants differs greatly, your participants could potentially be split into smaller groups or combined with participants from another similar organization seeking WRAP training.

How can I schedule a WRAP seminar for my organization?

For more information, to discuss costs, or to schedule a seminar, contact WRAP at or 978-261-1400.

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