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WRAP Workbook


ISBN: 978-1-948857-02-4
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
32 Pages
Published by Human Potential Press, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., Sudbury, MA


The new WRAP Workbook has been fully revised and updated to match the new editions of your favorite WRAP books, including Wellness Recovery Action Plan (aka, The Red Book) and WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition. New in the revised workbook: 

  • Prompts to help you bring WRAP’s five key concepts into your everyday life 
  • Tools to help you set goals in every area of your life, from your living space, to relationships, to your employment situation, to your overall health and self-care, and more 
  • Broader prompts in the crisis plan section to help you create a WRAP for any area of your life and wellness 
  • Trauma-informed language that matches recent updates to other WRAP materials 

This workbook is designed to be used alongside one of the core WRAP books or while you participate in a WRAP group led by a pair of certified WRAP Facilitators.  

Please note: This workbook is for individual use only. Photocopying of blank pages is not permitted. If you wish to photocopy blank forms for use in a group setting or to share with others, please refer to the handouts included in the WRAP Facilitator Training Manual or contact our permissions team for help. 

Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 11 × .25 in

Who Is This Item For

Anyone creating or updating their WRAP will love having all parts of the WRAP neatly organized in this handy book of forms. This workbook is designed to work smoothly with any use of WRAP—WRAP for addictions, WRAP for trauma, WRAP for veterans, WRAP for incarceration and re-entry, WRAP for physical health conditions, and any other use of WRAP that you find helpful. 

Special Features

  • Bound workbook keeps all WRAP forms together for easy reference—no loose pages 
  • Enhanced design and layout, with more room to write your WRAP on the large, lay-flat pages 
  • Lay-flat design makes it easy to photocopy your completed plan so you can share it with supporters 
  • Standard page size makes it easy to hole-punch for a binder, store in a folder, or even carry your WRAP at all times 
  • Also available in Spanish! ¡También disponible en español!