November 11 was Veterans Day in the United States, and we at WRAP want to honor the sacrifices of ALL Veterans around the world.

The WRAP Team is thrilled by our recent collaboration with the Montana Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Division of the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services.

Through this collaboration, 29 individuals from the Montana Army National Guard participated in WRAP Seminar I in Helena, Montana, this past August. Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators Lee Horton, Dennis Horton, and Lesley Corey—all with Step By Step, Inc.—and Lynn Miller, AHP WRAP Director, facilitated the two WRAP groups.

Nine individuals who completed WRAP Seminar I went on to participate in WRAP Seminar II this October. The new Certified WRAP Facilitators received mentoring as they facilitated WRAP at Fort Harrison in Montana.

Lawrence B.G. Rhone, U.S. Army DAV and Veteran’s Advocate says, “From my perspective, the WRAP Team brought forth an instant credibility and connected with the group immediately. We all come from different backgrounds and have had unique experiences. Listening to everyone’s’ story at the very beginning set the tone for the whole program. Thank you to your team for what you continue to do.”

Additional participant comments express the impact that WRAP participation had on them:

  • “Vulnerability is contagious.”
  • “The establishment of the safety agreement immediately created, established, and sustained a safe, effective, and supportive environment.”
  • “Everyone was heard and validated in their experience.”
  • “Every day I left feeling so special that I was able to learn from the very best.”
  • Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators showed “vulnerability and respect for co-facilitators and patience for each other and students. Personal stories were very powerful.”
  • “It is clear that these Facilitators live by the WRAP model. The Facilitators worked well together and modeled each section clearly.”
  • “Authentic and inspiring.”
  • Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators were “present, attentive, offered mutual respect, role modeled, willing to share, eye contact, genuine, warm, and welcoming; willing to laugh.”
  • Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators showed “compassion, empathy. Ethics and values were demonstrated daily in words and actions.”
  • Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators “followed the values of WRAP and made it a safe, welcoming environment.”

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