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Youth WRAP


ISBN: 978-09848326-6-8
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
72 Pages
Published by Human Potential Press, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., Sudbury, MA


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This WRAP presents a system that helps young people make their lives more the way they want them to be, to choose and enjoy more of the things they want to do, and to get through the hard times that can come with finishing school, finding work, and moving into new situations for home, school, and family. When you make your WRAP, you choose what you will do every day, and if difficult things come up, you plan what your responses will be to keep yourself safe and in control of your life. You choose if you want to make a WRAP and what will go in your plan. Change it when you want to. It’s yours! This book will help you:

  • Do what you want with your life
  • Discover your own simple, safe wellness tools
  • Develop a daily plan to help you stay as well as possible
  • Identify upsetting events or circumstances and develop action plans for responding to them
  • Create a strategy to gain support and stay in control of your wellness during and after a crisis

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Who This Item Is For

Youth WRAP is for any young people who want to effectively manage certain aspects of their life and create positive changes in the way they feel. WRAP can be used for things like dealing with uncomfortable feelings or thoughts, managing stress, improving relationships with family and friends, starting/ending a relationship, dealing with a serious injury, starting a new school or job, and increasing physical and mental wellness. WRAP can be done alone, with another person, or in a group.

Special Features

  • Adapted by young people for young people
  • For use individually or in conjunction with an evidence-based WRAP group
  • Emphasizes safe, simple tools and strategies anyone can use to achieve wellness
  • Compatible with other health and wellness strategies, supports, and treatment programs