by Carol Bailey Floyd

Once I developed my WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and got into the swing of doing positive things when negative things happen in my life, I was able to get out of my own way. I started having more confidence in myself and my abilities to try new things and take chances. The more that WRAP has become a way of life for me, the more I am able to achieve things I never thought possible before. I’ve started collecting “Wellness Tools” and that has really emphasized for me that fun and creativity are a powerful force for good, balance, and well-being. They also power up my action plans. My enthusiasm for WRAP only increases as I witness it’s power in my own life, and as I see how WRAP has empowered the lives of others. It is one of my best privileges to be able to facilitate WRAP and to train facilitators. I know that each time a person starts to develop a WRAP, they are opening the door to a whole new way of hopeful and more positive living.
I also appreciate that WRAP is versatile. One of my friends uses it to coordinate cancer, another with fibromyalgia. I know other people who have used WRAP to lose weight, stop addictions, quit smoking, find jobs, and more. WRAP can even be used with entire organizations, groups, businesses, marriages, parent/child relationships, partnerships — wherever there are people, WRAP is a powerful dynamic.