The WRAP community is always growing and changing. At WRAP and Recovery Books, we aim to evolve with the needs of community members. Since Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., (AHP) took on the immense honor of shepherding WRAP forward in July 2016, we’ve received a lot of feedback from individual WRAP users, Facilitators and Advanced Level Facilitators, partners, and customers. Some of it has been positive. Some, well, not so much. We welcome it all! And we’re listening—hard.

That’s why we’re excited to let you know we are responding, and soon you’ll begin to see some of the results of our months of effort. These are just a few of the changes we’re working on in response to your comments, questions, and suggestions:

  • You told us you want updates to many of the books. We’ve been working with members of the WRAP community inside AHP, across the U.S., and beyond to revise and update several of the titles in the WRAP catalog with new content, new examples, and a user-friendly design. Stay tuned to learn about the upcoming new releases through our newsletter and Facebook page!
  • You want updated manuals and slides for Facilitators and Advanced Level Facilitators. After the first round of book revisions are complete this summer, the Facilitator manuals and supporting materials are next on our list! We’ll be collaborating closely with the Copeland Center and current Facilitators and Advanced Level Facilitators to make sure you have the information and resources you need in formats that work for you. If you have suggestions or requests for revisions to the Facilitator materials, please send them to me at
  • You said our books, materials, and website look outdated. We are developing a new look and feel for WRAP and will share our new branding, including the logo, colors, and designs, with you over the next few weeks. You’ll see them on the updated books and materials, the WRAP email newsletter, and on our website, bookstore, and Facebook page.
  • You asked us to fix the WRAP app. We’ll have a new WRAP app out this summer for iOS and Android devices. If you’ve already purchased the WRAP app, you won’t need to buy it again—this will be a free update for existing users. We’re also working on getting the online build-your-own-WRAP back up and running. Stay tuned for updates!
  • You want WRAP materials available in more formats. We’ll keep producing printed books and materials, but we’re also looking into digital publication (ebooks) and online courses, among other new media options, to better meet your needs.

We plan to roll out some of these changes over the next few weeks. As we go, we’ll be sharing the background behind why and how things are evolving. WRAP is a concept grounded in continual growth and wellness, and the books and materials are meant to support your growth and development by continually improving to better meet your needs and requests.

We’ll be publishing the newsletter weekly for a little while to keep you as informed as possible. We’re very excited to share with you and to hear your responses. If you have any questions or comments as things unfold, please comment on our Facebook page. We love to hear from you!