In these hard days when we are all feeling so intensely the devastation of suicide as we deal with the tragic loss of so MECgardenmany of our veterans, of our friends, family members and colleagues, and of the beloved Robin Williams, it is a bright spot to note that, in addition to listing WRAP for Life for use in addressing all kinds of life issues, NREPP is specifically acknowledging the use of WRAP in suicide prevention. It has added the following at the end of the Implementation section:
As WRAP’s application has broadened to address various health issues (e.g., diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss), program materials now include action plans that reflect these applications, as well as the use of WRAP in suicide prevention.
NREPP is the “go-to” site for agencies, organizations and individuals who are looking for programs and practices that will support recovery and wellness, programs and practices that are “recognized”, have passed the rigid NREPP criteria and are eligible for many kinds of funding.
You should know that getting listed in the National Registry is a huge feat–not easily accomplished.  It took me over five years of working closely with the registry to accomplish this amazing milestone.
What Yvonne Smith has to say about WRAP for Life: 
I just actually saw a copy of WRAP for Life. This book has about 8 different type of lifestyle WRAPs in it. Also, expansion on the Wellness Tools. WRAP for Weight loss, WRAP for becoming a non-smoker. Better yet it has all the forms all thru the book and backup copies in the back of the book. It’s basically an improvement on a book I use to use exclusively, Winning Against Relapse, and with what looks like increased content of about 50%. Thanks Mary Ellen Copeland!
The importance of the work that we are all doing, spreading the word about the power and effectiveness of WRAP, person to person, group to group, around the globe, cannot be understated.  Every day it improves lives and saves lives.  I am so grateful for all the good work that you are doing, making recovery and wellness possible for more and more people.
Mary Ellen Copeland PhP