If you’re like me, you know the importance of self-care. Maybe it is even a resolution of yours for 2021. However, knowing the value of self-care doesn’t necessarily translate into practicing it. I find it often fits into that big category of easier said than done. Many of us may consider it a luxury that we don’t think we have time for, don’t make time for, or simply don’t deserve. We are so focused on making sure those around us are cared for that we tend to neglect ourselves. The terrific thing about self-care is that it can be very small things worked into our everyday lives.

Are you familiar with on the WRAP Facebook page? We shared this poem by B. Oakman on January 10:

I lied and said I was busy.
I was busy but not in a way
most people understand. I was busy
taking deeper breaths. I was busy
silencing irrational thoughts.
I was busy calming a racing heart.
I was busy telling myself I am okay.
Sometimes this is my busy and
I will not apologize for it.

Check the WRAP Facebook page for more #SelfCare Sunday posts. The past year brought significant changes, and many of us are spending more time at home adjusting to new routines. Our own self-care practices may also have changed—or need to change.

A friend of mine makes sure she gets outside for a walk every day. She’s lived in the same area for years and has been exploring familiar and new places on her outings, then sharing photos online. Another friend learned how to cook and tried 100 new recipes in 100 days. My brothers and I have been having weekly Zoom “meetings” that we refer to as our sibling revelry time.

We would love to hear what you’ve been doing to care for yourselves. Please feel free to share on our Facebook page.