Last week, we shared some exciting news about upcoming WRAP updates. This week, we’ll take a peek behind the scenes into the process of updating the look and feel of WRAP to capture the vibrancy of the WRAP community. Next week, we’ll look at some of the improvements and adjustments you can expect in our content over the next few months. The following week, we’ll give you a sneak peek at WRAP’s new look!

WRAP is like a living, breathing thing that grows with people over time. So when it came to updating the visual identity of WRAP, we wanted to capture that constant evolution and growth. We also wanted to make sure any new visuals would stay true to the heart of WRAP. We heard many suggestions from members of the WRAP community about what WRAP means to them. These are some of the most powerful words and phrases that people shared:

Growth • Healing • Recovery • People • Health • Wellness • Renewal • Hope • Personal Responsibility • Education • Self-Advocacy • Voice • Choice • Peer Support • Empowerment • Personal Experience • Modern/Contemporary • Simple • Natural • Stand the Test of Time • Strength • Resourcefulness • Planning • Structure • Self-Awareness • Self-Understanding • Self-Compassion • Evolution • Collaboration • Community

These ideas form the foundation for recovery and wellness and give continual inspiration for growth and development. There were two major ideas that became most important to encompass these sentiments: WRAP’s five key concepts and the bold colors that have come to represent WRAP over the last 20 years.

So, what does that mean? Well, to start, the “Red Book” (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), is going to stay red! And the “Blue Book” (WRAP for Addictions) will stay blue, the “Purple Book” (WRAP for Veterans and People in the Military) will stay purple, and the “Green Book” (Plan de Acción para la Recuperación del Bienestar) will stay green. We’re giving them all an updated look that keeps the identifying colors you know and love and also ties the series together so they look like the family of books they really are. We’ll be rolling out new cover designs and new interior designs this summer. You’ll also see a new logo that ties the WRAP books together and incorporates the key concepts.

What else will change with the new look and feel? As we update the printed materials, you’ll be seeing sturdier covers on many of our titles—important for a book you can carry everywhere with you! We’re changing the paper in the books so it’s easier to write notes without the ink smudging or bleeding. Plus, we’re giving you more space for notetaking inside each book. We’re also adjusting some of the fonts we use so our books are easier to read.

Later this month, you’ll see the new visual identity in action on our website, newsletter, and Facebook page. We’ll also give you a sneak peek of the new book design as we launch the first of our revised editions. Stay tuned for more information about WRAP updates next week!