Sarah Farmer

By Sarah Farmer, M.A., Certified WRAP Facilitator

It’s Mental Health Action Day around the world. This day isn’t simply about raising awareness of mental health issues, it’s also a day to take steps toward enhancing your mental health and wellness.

If you’ve attended a WRAP seminar, you likely saw a collection of coloring pages, pens, and crayons on the tables. Many people use coloring as a wellness tool, and lots of WRAP Facilitators like to have coloring pages available for participants to use for focusing, calming their nerves, creative expression, or just enjoyment.

Coloring is a throwback to childhood for many of us. It’s also a simple and fun way to practice mindfulness. That’s why we decided to create a WRAP-themed coloring book to celebrate Mental Health Action Day. Download the coloring pages at no cost!

Anyone can order a copy from the WRAP bookstore and download it for free. You’re welcome to make copies of the pages to share with friends, family, or WRAP seminar participants.

Here are some wellness benefits associated with coloring:

Stress reduction: Coloring can help reduce stress and anxiety and create feelings of calm. It lets you focus on the present moment and engage in a soothing, repetitive activity.

Mindfulness and relaxation: Coloring can be a form of mindfulness practice, promoting a state of relaxation and increased self-awareness. It can help you shift your attention away from daily worries and concerns.

Improved focus and concentration: Coloring requires concentration and focus, particularly when the designs are complex. This can enhance cognitive abilities and improve your attention span.

Artistic expression and creativity: Coloring offers a creative outlet. You can express yourself artistically without the pressure of coming up with an idea or worrying you “aren’t a good artist.” Try experimenting with colors, patterns, and shading techniques.

Therapeutic benefits: Coloring has been used in art therapy for self-expression, emotional processing, and stress relief. It can also help people manage various challenges, such as trauma, grief, or mental health issues.

Enhanced fine motor skills: Coloring involves precise hand movements and coordination, which can help improve fine motor skills and hand strength. It can be really useful for individuals with motor challenges or conditions such as arthritis.

Disconnect from tech: Coloring provides a break from screens and technology, which benefits all of us.

Fun: Maybe we should have started with this one, because fun is reason enough to color.

Download your free copy of WRAP in Color today! 

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