The April, 2014 Psychiatric Services Online Journal included a review of research on peer involvement in delivering services to persons with mental health challenges. This study was sponsored as part of the SAMHSA funded effort to document evidence based services. The review is entitled  Peer Support Services for Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses: Assessing the Evidence.  The Wellness Recovery Action Plan was one of the evidence based practices that was reviewed.

The objective of the report was to evaluate the level of evidence and effectiveness of peer support services and it reviewed articles in three types of settings; peers added to existing service formats, peers in existing clinical roles such as doctors and therapists, and Peer Delivered Curricula. In this latter category, WRAP was reviewed and was represented by research by Dr. Judith Cook.
The review concluded that Peer Delivered Curricula, including the Wellness Recovery Action Plan,  had the best evidence base for support. The report went on to state that insurers would have a rationale to include payment for such peer delivered curriculum.