by Moe Armstrong

She was sitting at a table
Selling books about
Had VHS video cassettes
I bought them all
Books and videos
Wanted out from my ongoing
She was nice to me, then
She is nice to me, now
There is not a lot kindness in the
There probably aren’t a lot of
Kind people
Power and prestige
Seems to be what people want
Me, I just take some mental relief
Peace of mind is what I want
I have always been the kid
From the wrong side of the tracks
Who washed out from the military
Struggled with major depression
PTSD and even Schizophrenia
I need kindness….
Mary Ellen is still just a kind person
Who wants to help
And wants to get some help
She is real and struggles……
The past two days were wonderful
Being with her and remembering
Twenty years…..