In this webinar, Mary Ellen Copeland and Jane Winterling did a series of unrehearsed role plays with the goal of enriching their own WRAP plans using peer support.

The Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP®) has become a fundamental wellness tool. The proven success of WRAP in helping people maintain wellness, has made WRAP fundamental to peer support training and practice.

Mary Ellen Copeland was involved in the development of WRAP when it was first developed by a groWRAPPeer Cover_Thumbnailup of 30 peers in 1997. Along with others in that group, she was one of the first people to develop and use her own WRAP. She is the author of many WRAP resources. In this webinar she will examined WRAP as it relates to peer support and how this powerful wellness tool can be vital for peer supporters and those they serve.

Shery Mead and Mary Ellen Copeland are currently revising their book, WRAP and Peer Support (2004). They are doing this by using a system of role plays working with their lived experience of issues related to Parkinson’s Disease, hearing issues, and issues related to aging.

Knowing and incorporating the specifics of WRAP and Peer Support can change the way you do things in all aspects of your life.

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