As you may have noticed from recent emails or Facebook and Twitter posts, we have some big announcements!

New Website

Our website has long needed an upgrade, and we are pleased to announce that we have launched a completely redesigned WRAP website and bookstore! As for the new website, we’re hoping all of you will register and join the new online WRAP community. We love our Facebook community, but not all WRAPers use that social media platform. We hope having a dedicated community on our website will allow more people to connect. It’s a great place for asking and answering questions, sharing your well-loved wellness tools, meeting others from around the world who make WRAP a central part of their lives, and perhaps getting the inspiration to become a WRAP Co-Facilitator. Thank you to those who have already registered—we have more than 400 members so far, and the conversations are starting! Don’t miss out.

In addition, we made the bookstore simpler to order from, updated the overall design, and will be adding features such as blog posts and articles. It’s a dynamic platform designed with all of you at its heart, and we look forward to your feedback.

WRAP for Healthy Aging

As you know, WRAP is great for anyone at any age, but often our priorities, needs, and goals change as we age. After all, the transformation to a life of wellness is ageless! For this reason, we’ve developed a set of new materials called WRAP for Healthy Aging. These adapt the foundational WRAP process to focus on the lives and experiences of adults ages 60+.

The people who began WRAP have moved into their older adult years, and they found that while WRAP became even more useful with age, the trainings weren’t ideal for an older audience—including those in senior centers and senior living.

Jane Winterling, one of the WRAP founders, said,

“Healthy aging means we are often in a place of recovery from something (e.g., heart issues, declining strength, all of the physical changes that go with healthy aging, and the many losses that go with it). Thus, the ways we define ‘recovery’ (which we now call ‘wellness’) change as our life circumstances change. To stay in a place of growth, we cannot hang on to the old perceptions of what it meant to be well. The definition of recovery—or wellness—has to change alongside our challenges.”

Check out these materials in the WRAP bookstore.

Updated Brochure

We also created a new WRAP brochure with an updated look that reflects the new website. It gives a basic overview of WRAP and what to expect from a training. It’s available for purchase in the bookstore.