When I started using WRAP, which was like ten years ago, I knew I had found something that was unique and very helpful.  It was what I had been searching for when I was rummaging thru all those self help books that really led no where and it was easy to understand and apply.  I think that is what I like the very best about it is how simple it is.  Some people may say, well that is so simple, it shouldn’t matter!  But that is the whole essence of the WRAP program is its simplicity.

Hey, when Jesus Christ was on earth he didn’t talk about complicated issues like DNA or some sort of rocket science!!  He talked about fish and flowers and things that the people could understand at the time.  It was his use of simple illustrations that made him such an effective teacher.  It doesn’t have to be complicated to be good.  Far from it!!  In fact all those self help books that I was looking thru did me no good, if I was even able to get thru them, because the concepts were too difficult for someone who is already suffering.  Someone who is suffering needs help and needs it fast.  I think the WRAP program does all of that.

It is my desire and eventual goal to take the courses that the Copeland Center offers and become certified in the WRAP program.  It would be something that I would enjoy doing and helping others with. I still keep my WRAP book and it is a comfort to me, just knowing that I have it for backup 🙂

A Very Big THANK YOU to Mary Ellen Copeland for all she has done for people including me.