In 2007, Mary Ellen Copeland released WRAP for Veterans and People in the Military. Now, 11 years later, Human Potential Press is pleased to announce that a brand-new book, WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition, is now available for preorder. This new release builds on everything that was great about the original Veterans book in a new publication that is fully updated to better support our service members and Veterans.
WRAP has been serving Veterans for decades, and we know it works. Veterans and service members using WRAP have reported experiencing better overall physical and mental health, reduced substance use, better pain management, improved sleep, and lower levels of stress, among other benefits. We also know, though, that you wanted more:

  • Real-life examples from Veterans and active service members.
  • Diverse representation, including women and people of color.
  • Information about the major issues facing today’s Veterans.
  • Resources to support your overall wellness.

The new WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition includes:

  • A foreword from an Army Veteran and Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator in training who has used WRAP to overcome aggression, depression, and alcoholism after completing his military service. “WRAP recognizes that everyone’s military experience, as well as their life experience, is different—which is why WRAP is not about giving final answers or telling you what to do to keep being well,” he writes. “WRAP has taught me how to live the healthiest life I possibly can.”
  • An introduction with important framing information about what WRAP is and how Veterans and people in the military can use it to create and maintain wellness in their lives in many circumstances and settings.
  • All-new content tackling tough topics facing our Veterans and service members, like substance use, trauma, suicide, and homelessness.
  • Stories and snapshots of Veteran and active military personnel experiences throughout the book—at least one in every chapter. These relatable stories spotlight challenges faced by our active and former service members, as well as ways those who have served their country can use WRAP in their lives to achieve and maintain wellness.
  • More examples and references that focus on Veterans and people in the military. We made the content more directly related to this population and their life experiences.
  • New examples and prompts that relate directly to common stressors among Veterans and people in the military since their experiences and lives often have different unique challenges such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the lasting effects of traumatic personal experiences.
  • A short section about transitioning to civilian life after military service.
  • An appendix with Veteran-specific additional resources.
  • A new user-friendly internal design with lots of space for notes, quotes, and sketches or doodles.

Our current, former, and future service members deserve the very best, and we are delighted to provide this resource to help them live a life of total wellness during and after serving their country.
WRAP for Veterans, Active Service Members, and Military in Transition is now available for preorder  through the WRAP bookstore. Shipping of the new book will begin August 17, 2018. You can still order copies of the 2007 WRAP for Veterans and People in the Military and the associated DVD while supplies last.

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