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WRAP Cards Bundle


Size: WRAP Care Cards: Size: 3.5″ x 3.5″ WRAP Conversation Cards Size: 2.33″ x 3.375
Type: Cards
Published by Human Potential Press, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., Sudbury, MA

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This bundle includes both the 50 illustrated inspirational WRAP Care Cards and the 50 Conversation Cards.

The WRAP Care Cards contain 50 colorfully designed motivational quotes, affirmations, and suggestions for wellness activities.. Pick one out when you want a new idea to think about, an affirmation to help ground you or lift your mood, or a reminder that you are worthy of wellness and recovery.

The Conversation Cards have 25 unique statements that are each repeated two times, totaling 50 cards. Each card has “Hello, I’m . . . ” at the top and have a statement underneath describing an emotion or feeling. The cards can be used in WRAP seminars as a conversation starter, part of an icebreaker, or a way for participants to let others know how they are feeling that day. They can also be used in peer support groups, classrooms, or with a group of peers working on WRAP or wellness in general.

WRAP Care Cards: Size: 3.5″ x 3.5″

WRAP Conversation Cards Size: 2.33″ x 3.375

Order just the WRAP Care Cards.

Order just the WRAP Conversation Cards.

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions5.83 × 6.875 × .5 in

Who This Item Is For

The cards can be used by individuals, families, friends, peers, or Certified WRAP Facilitators in a WRAP seminar.

Special Features

  • 50 care cards to help with self-affirmation, motivation, and self-calming and 50 cards that can be used in all types of settings to start conversations about feelings
  • Perfect wellness gift for anyone
  • Colorful designs on one side with the full-color WRAP logo on the other
  • Makes a great gift for new Certified WRAP Facilitators